A graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Netanya Academic College.


Specializes in diverse litigation, in the field of infrastructures, commercial and administrative law. He handles large-scale claims relating to national infrastructure projects and cases of complex issues in the field of insurance and torts laws. He appears frequently before the various district courts and the Supreme Court on issues relating to tenders and has considerable experience in representation before the Appeals Committee for claims pursuant to Article 197 of the Planning and Building Law and complex expropriation cases.


In addition Adv. Yigal Kaldes has considerable experience in supporting companies in preparation of complex agreements in the field of infrastructures (sewage, water and so forth).


Adv. Yigal Kaldes serves as a consultant in our office in the abovementioned fields.



Adv. Yigal Kaldes

Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2000

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