Fields Of Activity

Commercial / Civil and Real Estate Department

Commercial and civil law

Our office’s Commercial Department provides legal support to a great number of companies, partnerships and business people in a range of business activities.


The attorneys in the department advise various directors and boards of directors on an ongoing basis, accompany business negotiations and due diligence prior to investment and handle the wording of diverse commercial contracts.


Inter alia the department supports several start up companies, starting from the establishment phase and until the stock issue and also supports investors from Israel and overseas in various types of investment transactions.


Real estate

The department handles a variety of real estate transactions, starting from representation of contractors in sale of new and second hand apartments for private clients, and up to purchase of plots, National Master Plan 38 transactions, evacuation and construction projects, registration of apartment buildings and complex combination agreements. Furthermore the department handles receivership and real estate dissolution claims, building defects and dispossession claims for the office’s clients.


In this department the office represents inter alia the public contracting company Prashkovsky Investment and Building Ltd and subsidiaries, Zantkeren & Sons Ltd, Cohen Reuven Investments and Real Estate and additional entrepreneurs, contractors and business people.



Inheritance laws

Our office has a sub-specialty in all aspects of inheritance and estate laws, including drawing up wills, administration of estates, filing of opposition to inheritance orders and orders of probate and more. The company also specializes in rights of common law spouses and in this field the company succeeded in a precedential claim for recognition of a common law spouse for the purpose of inheriting from her partner, when the couple were the owners of separate apartments. Furthermore the office succeeded in a claim to cancel a will based on the place of residence of the testator and more.