Adv. Elad Eisenberg

A graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Tel Aviv University.

He started his professional career at the Military Attorney General office, first as a military prosecutor and thereafter as the Command Defence Attorney for the Air Force. the Navy and the Home Front Command, prior to leaving for the private sector.


He specializes in civil and criminal litigation (white collar) and in administrative law. In the field of civil-commercial litigation Adv. Eisenberg supports the office’s clients in various and complex proceedings, before the various courts, including arbitrations, and this based on the considerable experience that he has accumulated over the years in various fields. Amongst others Adv. Elad Eisenberg represents the office’s clients in various large scale commercial disputes, including in the field of companies, real estate and infrastructures and libel claims, unique torts claims and more.


In the administrative field Adv. Elad Eisenberg specializes in administration of legal proceedings opposite various authorities, including government ministries and municipal authorities, including filing petitions to the High Court of Justice and administrative motions. Adv. Elad Eisenberg is a notable of the Movement for Quality Government in Israel since 2006 and serves as a member of the management of the Football Association in Israel.

Adv. Elad Eisenberg

Member of the Israel Bar Association since 1995