Adv. Yoav Manny

Member of the Israel Bar Association since 1993

A graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Tel Aviv University and with a Masters degree in Business Studies from the Recanati School at the Tel Aviv University.


He started his professional career at the Military Attorney General office, first as a consultant officer and later as a military command prosecutor at the Chief of Staff Command. Thereafter he served as deputy legal counsel for the Prime Ministers Officer and as a legal counsel for the Satellite and Cable Administration at the Ministry of Communications, prior to leaving for the private sector. Adv. Yoav Manny has acquired expertise in administrative and legislative law, tender and contracts laws with special emphasis on the field of infrastructures. Inter alia he serves as legal counsel providing legal support for national transport projects such as the Krayot bypass, Route 531 and more. In addition Adv. Yoav Manny is an expert in the field of libel.


Adv. Yoav Manny has considerable experience in civil litigation, strategic legal advice and support of clients throughout time, based on an in-depth acquaintance with the client’s needs and his field of activity.