Fields Of Activity

Infrastructure and Energy Department


Our office operates an infrastructure and energy department which supports the office’s clients in diverse infrastructure and energy projects including Netivei Israel (previously the Public Works Authority), in support of construction of principal traffic routes throughout Israel, including support for the tender and preparation of tender documents, execution of expropriations, legal support during execution of projects and more. Furthermore, our office represents the company in the various courts, in all the proceedings relevant to the project, including contractor claims, expropriation claims and claims pursuant to Article 197 of the Planning and Building Law. Our office has accumulated considerable expertise in this field and represents Netivei Israel in huge projects in the field of contractor claims at extraordinary and significant scales.


Furthermore, the office supports projects in the field of energy including legal support for construction of natural gas power stations, bio-gas power stations and projects in the field of green energy. Within this framework, the office represents the Madei Taas group and Eshkolot Energy in various ventures for construction of power stations at various outputs.Our office has represented Eshkolot Energy in its contracts with the Delek group for construction of a natural gas power station at an output of MW240 in Kiryat Gat for some 280 million dollars and additional ventures for bio-gas power stations, wind and methane gas energy. Our office also represents Chen Hamakom Ltd, one of the leading companies in Israel in the field of collection, sorting and handling of  refuse and waste.