Fields Of Activity

Libel laws


Our office has a sub-speciality in the field of libel. Adv. Elad Eisenberg and Adv. Yoav Manny specialize, inter alia, in libel laws and over the years have handled many cases in this field, both in consultation and administration of legal battles to prevent publication of articles and in filing and administering claims.


The office represented Captain R in a libel claim which gained comprehensive media coverage, against Ilana Dayan and Telad in the “corroboration of death” affair, starting from the district court proceeding and until the additional hearing at the Supreme Court with an extended panel of 9 judges.


Furthermore our office represents various public officials, foundations acting on behalf of the public in Israel, the government and safeguarding democracy, in libel claims filed by them against various media entities, in the struggle to clear their good name.