Fields Of Activity

Litigation and Administrative Law Department

Civil and commercial litigation

Our office’s Litigation Department is engaged in diverse civil litigation and within its framework the department attorneys represent, in all the courts, companies and private clients in pecuniary claims, petitions for injunctions, various types of contractual claims, claims relating to companies, directors’ claims and derivative claims and class action suits. Furthermore the department’s attorneys represent receivership cases, liquidation of companies, liquidation and dissolution of real estate and building defects and special torts claims including against the State’s authorities such as the Forensic Medicine Institute, the Israel Police and more.


Administrative law

The team in the Litigation Department have many years experience in administrative motions and petitions to the High Court of Justice. Within this framework the office handles various motions relating to tenders, disqualification and validity of various types of administrative rulings and management of struggles against various authorities.


Criminal law (white collar) and military law

Our office has a sub-speciality in the field of criminal law (white collar) and military law. Our office represents unique criminal cases mainly for white collar offences. Furthermore, Advs. Eisenberg and Manny, formerly of the Military Attorney General office, represent soldiers and officers in military courts and have had extraordinary successes throughout the years, and the most prominent of them is the acquittal of Captain R in the “corroboration of death” affair. Furthermore the office supports military and police officers suspected of perpetrating offences during operational incidents and within this framework support and consultation for the most senior military and police officers, including classified security affairs.